Hella Grip Pink Panther Kickbike Griptape

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Shred like K-Closs with his signature Pink Panther griptape made by Hella

Thick and juicy is probably the best definition of the heavily '70s inspired lettering, combined with the vivid magenta. Kevin Closson isn't new to riding with Hella as he was a part of the Concrete Crew's "Hella Good Stuff".


Built for easy application and longevity

  • This griptape is made from a tear/waterproof PVC material covered in silicone carbide grit formula

  • Easily applied with the aggressive weatherproof adhesive

  • This griptape follows Hella Grips larger size griptapes and comes with a whopping 6" x 24" sheet of grippy goodness

15.2cm (6'')

61cm (24'')