North Hatchet 2020 Trick Sparkcykel

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Get yourself some top-level Steez with a Hatchet Complete Pro Scooter from North

Bring yourself up to your next level of progression over a beginner scooter, with the Hatchet. It combines killer looks, smashing price, and dope hardware in one sweet package. Offered up here in some wicked colorways for you to pick from.

Take your tricks to the next level

  • Thanks to the threadless compression, you will find it more enjoyable to nail a whip-trick
  • Sized perfectly for young teenagers, both in height and in deck-size
  • If you like a subtle and clean-looking scooter, then you will feel right at home here
Total højde: 80.5cm
Compression type: HIC
Hjuldiameter: 110mm
Vægt: 3950g
Bar bredde: 508mm
Headset-type: Integrated 1 1/8"
Forgaffel type: Uden gevind
Materiale: Chromoly Stål 4130, Aluminium 6061
Deck design: One-piece
Deck længde: 49.5cm (19.5")
Deck bredde: 11.9cm (4.7")
Dropout Form: Peg-cut
Forgaffel design: One-piece
Bar Shape: T-formet
Bar materiale: Chromoly Stål 4130
Bar højde: 546mm
Bar ydre diameter: 35mm (Oversized)
Bar indre diameter: 32mm
Clamp størrelse: Double
Hjulprofil: Rund
Hjul hårdhed: 88A
Hjul nav bredde: 24mm
Kerne materiale: Aluminium 6061
Kerne design: Spoked
Aksel diameter: 8mm
Kugleleje præcision: ABEC-9
Bremse type: Flex Fender
Samling: Delvis samlet