ScootWorld Logo Kickbike Griptape

SEK 139,-
20 i lager

Make a statement with your scooter before you even ride it. This stylish grip tape will instantly leave an impression on everyone at the skatepark! If they think you're cool already, wait until they see what you can really do.

  • Intuitive and easy to put on your board, so you won't have to wait before hitting the streets
  • 13cm(5.2") wide, 55.9cm(22") long, we designed this grip tape with the sole purpose of making your scooter pop
  • Grit sandpaper ensures a comfortable, secure ride, with an adhesive backing for a grip tape that will last for years

Choose from two eye-catching styles and ensure you get the best grip tape for your ride! Classic and versatile monochrome or eye drawing rainbow? Either way, you can't go wrong. Don't let a dull scooter hold you back any longer. Get you and your scooter the upgrade you deserve while supplies last!