Striker Gravis Løbehjul Kickbike Styre

SEK 559,-
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Striker is a rider's brand. The Danish company's experience at the pro level and their enthusiasm for the sport feed into every product's design. The Striker Gravis T Bar is one more success to add to the list.


Available in either black finish or 'raw,' the Striker Gravis T Bar is a classic two-piece design. Made from chrome-moly 4130, it is equally strong, lightweight, and durable. An outer diameter of the standard 32 mm and an inner diameter of 28.6 mm means plenty of options open up when it comes to choosing a clamp. The bar has a pre-machined slit for IHC compatibility. While not SCS-ready, the bar is supplied with a sleeve for SCS compatibility, making this a versatile option for the long-term.


Striker has aimed their Gravis T Bar at the taller rider, with two height options to choose from. The 650 mm option weighs 1.3 kg, and the 710 mm option weighs 1.4 kg. The bar width is 600 mm, and the bar-end is compatible with steel. Sleek and minimal, with no backsweep, the clean lines of the perpendicular T are subtly enhanced by the brand's logo embossed on the front of the bar for a true mark of quality. 



Height: 650mm / 710mm

Weight: 1.3kg / 1.4 kg

Compatible with: IHC/SCS      

Bar-end compatible with: Steel

Bar width: 600 mm

Bar material: Chrome steel 4130

Bar outer diameter: 32mm (Standard)

Bar inner diameter: 28.6 mm

Bar design: Two-piece

Backsweep: No

SCS Ready: No

SCS sleeve included: Yes