Venor Primo Inliners Børn

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Venor Primo inline skates are a perfect choice if you want your little one to have the best time skating. These inline skates for kids come in either black and blue or black and pink. Choose either color scheme, and your kid will be skating in style. Once you see these skates in person, you'll notice how well-made they are and how perfect they will be for your child. Once they put them on, the little rider will be set for countless hours of fun. Their high lateral support structure and excellent foot security ensure lasting comfort. They also come with laces, a velcro strap, and a buckle to offer the best fit possible.


One of their greatest features is exceptional adjustability - up to four sizes with just the push of a button, allowing them to support growing feet for years of fun. These inline skates are a great gift for your little ones since they'll definitely enjoy the opportunity to skate with their friends. Give your kid some incredible memories since they'll always remember the places they went in them and how much fun it is to ride in a pair of inline skates!


These are the perfect pair to start a new skating adventure because not only do they look good, but they provide great comfort and are exceptionally sturdy. Venor Primo skates come with PUC 82A wheels and ABEC-7 carbon steel bearings for maximized durability and speed. This means they can handle even the toughest little skater. Don't forget these inline skates will capture eyes with their stunning looks. You'll be smiling as you watch your kid gliding around in these, and how much fun they're having! So, grab that helmet, strap on those knee and elbow pads, and get ready for your child to roll into a great time!



  • 4 sizes adjustable,  easy, and convenient just one push button to adjust different sizes ensures years of fun

  • PUC 82A wheels and ABEC-7 carbon steel bearings for better wear and moderate speed.

  • User Weight: 20~60kg

Size guide

EU SIZE 27-30 EU 31-34 EU 35-38 EU
CM SIZE 16.4-18.8 CM 18.8-21.2 CM 22-24.4 CM


ITEM NAME Primo Skate
Available Size 27-30, 31-34, 35-38
Wheel Material PU casted
Wheel Diameter

65 x 20 mm for size 27-34

70 x 20 mm for size 35-38

Size Adjustable Boot Yes
Boot/Shell type Semi-Soft
Boot Material PU leather, Polyester
Closure Lacing, Power Strap, Adjustment Buckle
Cuff High Lateral Support
Chassis Material PP
Wheel Hardness 82A
Bearing Precision ABEC-7 Carbon Steel
Brake Yes